Box Framing

If you are new to framing your photos, you will soon learn that purchasing the print is the cheapest part of getting your image on the wall.

I have located a master framer in the Tahoe Basin who can mount your photo in any size in a professional box frame for 1/2 the cost of conventional matting and framing.

Your photo will be laminated with a 3 mil polyblend film in matte or glossy finish, offering a stunning mount without the use of glass. This finish includes Ultra-violet protection. The surface can be wiped clean without scratching and is protected from dust and dirt.

The laminated print is then mounted to a custom built box frame. These lightweight frames are made of fiberboard and formica. The side edge of the box can be finished in one of 30 colors. Most frames we have ordered to date have been black, which complements most homes and offices.

The finished product is a box frame which is 1 1/2 inches deep. Smaller prints can be mounted on frames of varying depth. The surface of the box is easy to care for, the structure of the box is strong and stable.

This durable form of mounting is permanent, but currently is not considered archival.

E-mail me for pricing and further details. I can have your print order shipped directly to the framer. Total time from ordering to receiving you print is approximately 1 month.