Changing times for Digital Photography

04th May 2016
With the many ways of uniting people on the internet, social media has changed the way we share and sell our images. There are so many good artists out there now taking great photos. There are times that I have considered letting this website go. Thankfully, I have learned that because these images can be located via the internet and there is a niche of businesses that really desire good quality images of Nevada and the Great Basin for their offices-I have a constant supply of customers.

I'm finding a growing market for my photos and with the box framing that I offer, these images are perfect for hospitals and other institutions. Recent changes in my prints and box framed print pricing make my photos competitive with anyone out there.

If this is your first visit here or your 42nd visit, I invite you to browse through my portfolios. If you have specific needs feel free to contact me. I look forward to assiting you.

Still Clicking

Mike Sevon