Great Basin Landscapes

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Winter in Nevada portfolioThere's beauty in the fine details of jack frost,clear cold air and the endless horizons of the Great Basin.
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Lion Dogs of No-tell-um Canyon portfolioIn the last week of 2009, I spent a few days with my Son-in-Law and 4 other houndsmens looking for mountain lions south of Hawthorne,NV. The photos in this portfolio were taken one morning when the storm broke and we put the dogs onto two set of lion tracks. Being with lion hunters is a special experience. They love their dogs, spent new years eve with them and caught up with a good lion in the Monitors. I wasn't there and am hoping to get a pic of the trophy to post.
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Along Highway 50 portfolioHighway 50, popularly known as the,"Loneliest Highway" was originally described as having nothing to offer in attractions. Here's some evidence otherwise. The photos are arranged in order going from Fallon east to Ely,NV.
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Springtime in the Toiyabes portfolioA trip to the Austin area, gave me some great opportunities to photograph strutting sagegrouse and catch a few fish. See the drama in the sagebrush here.
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Fall in the Great Basin portfolioFall in Nevada Mts. are a time of small incremental changes. You have to be there to see the subtle effects the coming of winter has on the landscape. Theres nothing more invigorating than photographing fall aspens in front of an oncoming winter storm.
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Fall Colors in Hope Valley portfolioFall Colors will be fleeting in the next couple weeks. Heres some of my favorite pics from a Sunday Drive on October 26 from Fallon to Genoa over to Woodsford, up to Hope Valley.
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Spring in Nevada portfolioThis portfolio shows the photos added to the collection from March through June. Summers coming on strong in the valleys and becoming more evident in the mountains as the snowfields give way to the dog days of summer.
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Lamoille Canyon, NV portfolioScenic shots of Lamoille Canyon from the fall of 2006
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Summer in the Great Basin portfolioThe Season for photographing the great Great Basin Landscape with long sunny days, fields of wildflowers and big sunsets. Everyone is out playing at their favorite activity.
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Summertime in Hope Valley portfolioWhile the sun is baking us down in the Valleys with 100 degree heat, there is still snow up at 8500 feet in the Sierras. Everything is at peak bloom in the Sierra alpine zone. Though the fishing was disappointing at Red Lake this weekend, every small creek in the valley is chock full of little brookies that are a blast to catch. The panoramas in this portfolio are composite images that can be printed up to 40 inches wide.
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White Pine County Outback portfolioWhite Pine County is an area of incredible beauty, seen by a lucky few. This portfolio features photos from wilderness areas in the Schell Creek Range and the Snake Range.
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Humboldt County Outback portfolioHumboldt County in north central Nevada exemplifies the wide open spaces of a land the Pioneers cursed and sometimes blessed on their trip west. Some folks stayed to wrestle a living from the harsh land, they know the beauty of the Great Basin the best.
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The road to Hinkey Summit portfolioThis is a place I have returned to many times to capture the epic mega-bloom of Wyethia on the lower terraces of Hinkey Summit. There are always images to be captured. This year the blooms were a full month late and not of the magnitude of the shots I captured in 2006. Still it was a worthwhile trip, wandering through the aspens with my long time friend, Ed Partee, who now oversees the game programs for NDOW for Humboldt County. We will be back next spring to do it again.
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Since the inception of this website, I have created calendars for most years. The photos featured in each calendar are some of my favorites and are ready to print.