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2013 Calendar Images portfolioHeres the images to be featured in the upcoming 2013 calendar. Calendars can be ordering by contacting me and are $20 each plus shipping and handling.
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2011 Calendar Selections portfolioHi Loyal Calendar fans,
Here's my ad for the new 2011 calendar, with the images for each month featured separately. I will be ordering 200 calendars for resale this year and as always, they will be going fast. Enjoy!
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Fine Art Prints portfolioThis portfolio displays some of my most popular images many with custom framing and embossing. These are ready to print and mount on box frames.
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Panoramas portfolioThe images posted here are composites that are made up of from 3 to 8 separate images. These images are stitched together with Photoshop. Though the standard panorama image is 12 x 36 inches. Each one of these images vary in size. If you are interested in purchasing a print contact me for additional details.
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2010 Calendar Selections portfolioHeres a close up view of the 2009 Calendar selections by month. The Calendar is named: Great Basin Landscapes as three of the photos was taken in CA. All other photos are from Nevada. In keeping with the theme of the calendar, all photos in California were from the headwaters of the Walker and Truckee Rivers.