Recent or revised portfolio

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Walker Lake Carp Boat and more in a day portfolioA magical 24 hours at Walker Lake and surrounding areas in and near Mineral County, Nevada. Prepared special for Andy Stintson and Laurie Trustie.
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Panorama Landscapes I forgot about portfolioLooking for a long landscape photo for your wall. Heres a selection of Nevada and eastern sierra Landscapes that are composed of multiple shots stiched together. The resulting files can be printed big enough to cover a long space on your wall. It depends on the image, but 6-8 feet is realistic for most of these prints.
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Bonefishing in Christmas Island portfolioSome photos to share with my fishing friends. Tillie and I ventured to Kiribati(known as Christmas Island for the second year in a row. We caught a variety of fish, large and small, from groupers to 6 foot Mako sharks. Warning- its like eating Pringles,-you can't stop at one. We are booked again for next year.
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Nevada's Mountain Peaks portfolioHere's a collection of images of mountain peaks in Nevada with a few also from the east Slope of the Sierras in California. Enjoy!
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The Great Basin World in HDR portfolioPhotography and cameras are changing fast in our electronic world. A new photo technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range photography) now allows us to show images as our minds eyes see them. This porfolio will track my journey with HDR photography. Some of you will like the images and some "pure" photographers will hate them. HDR is here to stay and as Trey Ratcliff says, 70% of humans see the world in a way similar to HDR.
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Western Nevada Fall portfolioHeres some images from my wanderings in the Sierras and urban Reno in the last couple of months.
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Selections for the 2012 Nevada Landscapes Calendar portfolioHere is my sales flyer and images selected for this years calendar. Please contact me directly by e-mail or phone to place your orders. I am generally sold out by Thanksgiving every year.
 (Contains 22 photos)
On the road to Jarbidge portfolioThe Charleston Road to Jarbidge just opened last week. The wildflower bloom was peaking out when I arrived for a two day shoot.
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HIgh Times in the Desatoyas portfolioIts mid-July and there are still snow banks at the upper elevations of the Desatoya Mts. The cows haven't hit the streamside wildflowers and everything is green and in bloom. What a year!
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Latest Images from Pyramid Lake portfolioIn February of this year, I had the great fortune of being hired by the Pyramid Lake Fisheries as their Fisheries Biologist. Though this has kept me very busy I have had some moments where the light was special. Here's some of my favorite shots from the last couple months.
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Pyramid Lake Cutthroat portfolioEach spring, begining in mid-March the cutthroat trout planted as 4 inch fingerling, return to the Spawning Channel at the Lake Operations Hatchery. These fish can vary in age from 5 years to 11 years old. They are free to come and go, but most males seem to remain for the chance to spawn. These photos taken toward the end of the spawn seem to capture the haunting feeling of the fish who choose to remain.
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The Middlegate Shoe Tree-Then and Down portfolioIts been a couple weeks since some vandals took a chainsaw and expertly cut the tree down ending the traditional stop at the shoe tree to marvel at the myriad of different kind of shoes. Heres a look at the tree, then and now.
 (Contains 5 photos)
Truckee River: Before the storm portfolioI the lull before the big winter storm, I wandered the upper Truckee River and caught a few good shots when the light was sweet.
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Reno Vets Administration Box Framed Prints portfolioHeres a viewing of a series of photos I delivered to the new Reno VA Center on McCarran and Mill St. All the pics were not up at the time of shooting, but there were 37 photos total that were used to provide a restful decor for the office.
 (Contains 20 photos)
Fly Geyser portfolioHeres a collection of Fly Geyser photos from the winter of 2008 and 2010 Many thanks to Dave for his hospitality. Don't ask who Dave is cause I want to respect his privacy. Thanks to Tim too for arranging the 2010 trip.
 (Contains 19 photos)
Black Rock Desert Winter portfolioImages for November, 2010 a group of unsuspecting photographers headed up to the Black Rock Desert for a relaxing weekend with some additional photos of past winter wanderings aroung Gerlach
 (Contains 47 photos)
Images from a Sheep Hunt portfolioFourteen days of scouting and 5 days out on the hunt provided some great photo Opportunities. I want to post these and will refine in the next week or so.
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Favorites from 2009 portfolioThis portfolio contains my favorite images from the last calendar year. I have learned that the more we work at getting good images, the tougher it seems to get. It takes time afield with camera in hand to get worthy shots. I'll keep after it!!
 (Contains 57 photos)
Sunrise-Sunsets 2010 and more portfolioReviewing my photo files from the last few years, I find I have many images taken during that magic light when the earth spins into or out of the grace of our sun's warmth and light. For your viewing pleasure. These will be melded with my master sunrise sunset portfolio in a week or two.