Special Events

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2010 Pony Express Reride portfolioThis is the 150 year centennial of the 1860 Pony Express, celebrated by a reride from west to east. Lots of folks want to see thise pics so theres a bunch of them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them. Everyone was having a great time. Thanks to Mel for driving, I owe you, Buddy.
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Pony Express Reride 2009 portfolioRiders in red shirts are sworn in, given a pocket bible and ride over the historic Pony Express Trail. This year I photographed the riders as they made their way across Churchill County from Basque Summit in the Desatoyas to Sand Mt. The photos here are my favorites of the riders from 800 plus photos I took on June 17th.
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Ely Nevada on the Fourth of July portfolioEly, Nevada is a USA microcosm, a town that stands alone, isolated from the outside world. It was the ultimate melting pot for european immigrants looking for a new life and a promise of prosperity with the workings of a copper mine. The town withered when the mine went away and by determination hangs on today. It returns to its former glory briefly every Fourth of July, when those who still remember COME HOME.
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Indian Powwow portfolioColorful Regalia of Native Indians comes alive in a Nevada Indian Powwow
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Eagle Wings Indian Pagaent Dancers portfolioThis wonderful troupe of dancers performed at the 2010 Cantaloupe Festival on September 5. If you know of any of the dancers, I need contact information so I can share these pics with them. They were lead by one of the Hicks from Schurz. I find there reverence for the different dances verry inspirational.