The Great Basin World in HDR

All images posted in this porfolio are a compilation of 3 or more images taken at different exposure levels and combined in post processing to make a single image that represents what our eyes see. Hope you enjoy them.
Coming down to Smith Creek Valley-NX_029_-1x-SRGB
_Sandstone Barn-MDS9302_HDR-BW_011_-1x-SRGB
Big Creek_DSC7030_HDR_028_-1x-SRGB
Shot Dog Beach-Pyramid Lake-HDR
_Lupine in the Schell Creeks-L-_HDR
Lupine in the Schell Creeks-P_HDR
Leavitt Lake-Mulesears_HDR
Black Rock Range-1275_HDR
Truckee River in the snow_0059_HDR
Truckee River in the snow_0094_HDR
Truckee River Flume-HDR