Walker Lake Carp Boat and more in a day

On the evening of May 15, I traveled to the east side of Walker Lake to reshoot the Stintson Carp Boat. That evening and the next morning the light was fabulous and I got some epic images. After a visit in Hawthorne I traveled over Lucky Boy Pass to Bodie and Mono Lake. Here are my favorite images from the trip. Many of these images are composed of multiple shots-from three to 7 16 megapixel images and can be enlarged REAL BIG. Call me for details. 775)857-9814
Carp Boat Sunrise Pano 2 70-820006
Carp Boat storm 675-780003
Mineral County-5788-A0008
Mineral County-5792-A0009
Mineral County-5794-A0010
Mineral County-5823-A0013
Mineral County-57990011
Mineral County-58110012
Sandy Pt Pano0022
Walker Lake Dunes-58570023
Corey Peak Pano 10007
Mineral County-6071_edited-10015