Western Nevada Rivers

Rare,but intensely beautiful riparain corridors in the rain shadow of the Sierras. This portfolio has vignettes of the Walker and Truckee River and man's interplay with them. More photos will be added to show their character from the Sierra's to the deserts where they flow to.
(Contains 12 photos)
Truckee River Fall portfolio Heres some pics from a two day shoot on the Truckee River the end of October. Theres a sense of urgency in the air to catch the river riparian in its finest foilage before the next storm strips the trees of their leaves. The river flows were shut down shortly after the photos were taken, leaving the flumes without water and the river down to mere cobblestones.
Glenshire Pond
Flume and aspen
Fall pool on the Truckee
Truckee River Riparian
Truckee Rapids
Truckee rocks and gold
Truckee river_MDS2860_
Truckee River_MDS2867
Truckee River Fall
Below Fleisch
Truckee River_MDS2829
East Walker River morning